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About Carboline India

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Carboline India Pvt. Ltd was established in 1986 as “CDC Carboline” a joint venture licensee of Carboline Company USA.

In 2012 Carboline India became a 100% subsidiary of Carboline USA.

Over the past three decades Carboline India has supplied to and executed some of India’s largest passive fireproofing & protective coating projects.

Carboline India has its own Tech Service Department for providing technical assistance and NACE certified engineers to oversee application. Carboline India has a one of the largest set-ups in the world for application of passive fire proofing systems across various industries.

Management Team

Sandeep Sarda is the Managing Director of Carboline India directly responsible for strategy, growth and profitability of the Company.

Prasad Mathews is the Executive Vice President – Sales who oversees all fireproofing sales.

P.Harikumar is the Vice President - Sales in charge of all coating sales.

Alexander Arakel is the Head – Technical Services responsible for all projects and technical services.